The Director of Outreach and Development manages the Education Program Coordinator and the Adult Advocate/Volunteer Coordinator; oversees all aspects of the Center’s marketing, outreach, volunteer, and educational staff and efforts; creates, implements, and evaluates development plan and strategies to exceed annual revenue budget; meets goals to increase and diversify annual revenues, and coordinates all activities with the agency’s overall plans.


  • Solicit, schedule, and facilitate public education/anti-victimization programs and primary prevention programs for Midland, Andrews, Martin, and Howard Counties.
  • Develop and maintain on-going primary prevention public awareness campaigns which create community awareness of problems, needs and solutions related to rape, sexual abuse, human trafficking, child abuse and violent crime.
  • Maintain aggressive, update community media contacts and publicity which promotes Center activities, programs, and services.
  • Coordinate and facilitate professional training for outside organizations and community members and promote interaction with all professionals who encounter sexual assault survivors.
  • Supervise the Education Coordinator and Adult Advocate/Volunteer Coordinator and maintain personal files, provide an annual evaluation, and any other supervisory duties assigned by Executive Director.
  • Provide services to victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and incest which include, but are not limited to assistance and completion of paperwork; on-call services on a rotating basis with other staff; crisis intervention and support services as necessary; and hotline assistance as dictated by need.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to cultivate and solicit organizations, corporations, foundations, individuals, and public sources.
  • Maintain and grow relationships with donors and prospective donors through phone calls, personal meetings, and
  • Provide innovative ideas and concepts that can be evaluated and implemented to secure
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and leadership to provide vital input in the strategic planning process
  • Develop, cultivate, and increase support from donors throughout the counties served by the
  • Serve as an organizational ambassador and nurture community
  • Analyze and evaluate revenues and contributions with the Executive Director and the Development Committee, including return on investment and fundraising
  • Support the Executive Director in creating a development culture among the staff, board of directors, and
  • Work with the Executive Director to generate networking activities and become the face of the Center in the
  • Remain current on developments in philanthropy and fund development for the nonprofit sector and inform the Executive Director of important factors in fund development to implement innovative solutions
  • Oversee coordination and management of group volunteer projects, agency participation in community fairs, community education trainings, and all other aspects of the community engagement efforts of the agency
  • Complete other projects and responsibilities added and/or changed at the discretion of the
  • Executive Director.

       EDUCATION: A baccalaureate degree is required and experience or work in a related field.


  • Staff supervisory experience
  • Experience in the management of multiple funding sources
  • Experience in grant development/writing
  • Experience in preparing financial and statistical reports required by grant funding
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • An ability to work with all victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and incest without bias or prejudice regarding prostitution, drug abuse, abortion, use of alcohol, difference in abilities, age, race, color, creed, or religious affiliation.