Each year, too many children suffer from sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. Unfortunately, in their attempts to help protect child abuse victims, our criminal and civil justice systems can inadvertently cause additional suffering to child victims and their families.

The Children’s Advocacy Center program was established in Midland County in 1996 in an effort to protect the best interests of child victims of sexual abuse and/or severe physical abuse as their cases proceed through the investigation and prosecution stages and beyond.

Child Protection Team

The Children’s Advocacy Center program supports and coordinates the efforts of the Midland County Child Protection Team of professionals consisting of:

  • The Midland Police Department
  • Child Protective Services
  • The Midland County Sheriff’s Office
  • Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center
  • The Midland County District Attorney’s Office

The Midland County Child Protection Team collaborates to:

  • Coordinate investigations;
  • Limit, when possible, the number of times a child is interviewed;
  • Provide a child friendly atmosphere for interviews;
  • Reduce the child victim’s travel to investigative agencies;
  • Coordinate medical and mental health services; and
  • Increase public awareness about the incidence and impact of child abuse