Our goal is to help anyone suffering from the trauma of sexual assault, child sexual abuse/severe physical abuse and survivors of homicide victims. This includes women, men, children, teens and their loved ones who have been victimized recently or in the past.

Safety First

If you need immediate help because you are in danger, call 911.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400
  • Midland Police Department: (432) 685-7110
  • Midland County Sheriff’s Office: (432) 688-1228

Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center Services

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline Support: Recent victims, long-term survivors and loved ones can call for information or crisis intervention. You do not have to be in crisis to call.
  • Hospital Support: Our advocates are available 24 hours per day to offer support and explain procedures for recent sexual assault victims who go to Midland Memorial Hospital for a sexual assault exam. Our advocates will meet victims at the hospital and remain with them throughout the duration of the exam.
  • Therapy: Individual, family and group therapy is available for women, men, children and teens. Therapy services are provided by licensed professionals and are free of charge.
  • Advocacy: Court accompaniment, assistance with Crime Victim’s Compensation, referrals to community resources and liaison between victim and law enforcement/judicial entities are some of the advocacy services provided for recent victims, long-term survivors and their loved ones.

What To Do If You Have Just Been Sexually Assaulted

  • Get to a safe place.
  • Contact someone who can help you: a friend, the police (911) or the Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Do not shower, drink or eat, douche, or change your clothes. These activities destroy important physical evidence in the event that you decide to prosecute the assailant.
  • Get medical attention. You may have hidden injuries and may want to explore options for preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Write down everything that you remember happening, with as much detail as possible. This can help with your own healing process and in any legal action you might decide to take.